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When total list price per order reaches for report writers $650
excluding -
ALREADY SALE PRICED ITEMS, Sirius, Kepler Pegasus, Cayce Past Life, Indra, Medscan and Medical Forecast (not part of discount package)

NEW PROGRAM  Sirius 2  is Kepler 7 plus much much more .    SALE for SIRIUS until Dec. 31, 2012    $650     $550
 Information on SIRIUS including prices.

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COSMIC PATTERNS today offers a Windows (32 bit) based system with over 70 report writers! All reports writers are add-on optional programs that run through Sirius (Advanced level) Kepler (intermediate) or Pegasus (beginner). 

Kepler   $300 Pegasus  $100 Report Writers
What's New in Kepler 7    
Professional Level for calculations Hobbyist level for calcualtions Variety of over 60 report writers
Engine for report writers Engine for report writers

250,000 location atlas
230,000 location atlas
5 free reports
Cosmo Natal:
Cosmo Forecast:  Sample
Cosmo Compatibility:  Sample

Athena Numerology:  Sample
AstroLocality Report:  Sample
3 free mini-reports
Cosmo Natal:
Cosmo Forecast:  Sample
Cosmo Compatibility:  Sample
Data collection of 17, 000 famous people and events Help section  
Enhanced Help section  Can upgrade to the full version of  Kepler 6.0 at an upgrade price.  
 Astrology Encyclopedia Pegasus  (Windows 95/98/ME/XP/2000/Vista requires CD)  $100 (list price)  
Astrolocality and Treasure Maps
Treasure Maps focus on specialized astrolocality maps, focusing on love and romance, vocation, friends and family and spirituality. 
Screen Views and Chartwheels from Pegasus  
Kepler 7.0 (Windows 95/98/ME/XP/2000/Vista requires CD)    $300 (list price) Email reports in RTF, TXT, and HTM formats  
Screen Views from Kepler 7 Part 1    
Screen Views from Kepler 7 Part 2    
Kepler 7.0 Treasure Map Screen View    
Kepler 7 printouts of charts, maps and graphs    
Art Wheel samples
Email reports in 3 formats, TXT, RTF and HTM    




Below is a list and samples of report writers from the Cosmic Patterns system : YOU MUST HAVE KEPLER OR PEGASUS TO RUN ANY OF THE REPORT PROGRAMS BELOW.

Merlin   $150   Sample
Merlin in each additional language:  English, Spanish, French, Portuguese,
                    Russian, Hebrew
  $100  Sample in Spanish
(English or German)    $300    Sample
Alpha Imprints     $150     Sample
              Life Path Report     $75    Sample  

Specialized Natal Reports:
Child Report    $150      Sample
Child Report in each additional language:  English, Spanish $100  Sample in Spanish
           Flower, Essence, and Gem    $150               Sample
Flower, Essence, and Gem in each additional language:  English, French, Portuguese $90
              Karmic Insight
  $125   Sample
Iris Report     $200   Sample              
World Peace Report     $125      Sample    

                Nature Appreciation Report  Sample  $125  
               Personal Security Report  Sample 
               World Peace Report + Nature Appreciation Report + Personal Security Report   $300    
              Astro Analysis - learn astrology via your birth chart
$75   Sample
     Hidden Messages     $75   Sample
Naughty Natal
  $50    Sample
  Adult Report in each additional language: English, Spanish    $100
                Vocational Guidance     $100   Sample
       Vocational Guidance in each additional language:  English, Spanish   $75      Sample in Spanish            
                Karmic Past Life      $75   Sample
       Karmic Past Life  in each additional language: English, French, Portuguese    $75
Cayce Past Life
(English, German, French, or Portuguese) (English, German, French, or Portuguese)
  $300  Sample      
Special pricng on Medscan and Medical Forecast - not part of $1000 total
                Midpoint Weighting Analysis        $180   Sample    
                Safety Promotion Report
    $150    Sample                   
         Adult Report - different versions for man, woman, gay, lesbian
(English, Spanish)
    $200      Sample                   
                Relating Potential - how you are in a relationship

Contained within Psyche & Eros   Sample     $200
          Canine Report  Sample 
Feline Report  Sample 
                Senior Report  Sample  $125
               Galactic Report Sample       $150   
              Nature Appreciation Report  Sample  $125    
               Revelation  Sample 
               Medicine Wheel Sample   $100   
          Fixed Star Report Sample    $50   
Chinese Astrology   Sample    $225 
              The New Astrology   Sample    $225 

                 Nakshatra Report    $150     Sample    

Vertex Personal Destiny Report    $125    Sample

              Earth Mandala   $75    Sample  

              Life Awakenings  $150    Sample

              Prosperity Report     $150     Sample    


Compatibility Reports:

                Compatibility Report      $200        Sample
Compatibility Report  in each additional language: English, Spanish,  French, German, Russian
                      $100     Sample in Spanish
Heaven Sent  
 $75   Sample
                Star*Mate  Sample    $225   
  The Composite Report   
$150    Sample
                Psyche and Eros      $2000    Sample    
                        (also contains the Report Relating Potential
               Compatibility and Conflict (for lovers)  $150    Sample    
              Compatibility and Conflict  (for business associates or friends)     $200
Sample for business associates

                                                       Sample for friends

Forecast Reports:

Starlight Solutions Forecast
   $150     Sample
       Basic Forecast Report
     $200        Sample
                     (same as Advanced Forecast without the asteroid or midpoint interpretations)
        Basic Forecast Report  in each additional language: English Spanish, French, Russian,
                     Portuguese, Norwegian
     $100     Sample in Spanish
Advanced Forecast Report
(only in English, includes midpoints, asteroids
                   and Chiron)
   $250   Sample with midpoint printout  
                                                 Sample  with asteroid and Chiron printout
You can upgrade from the English version of the Basic Forecast Report
       Reduced price if you already own the Basic Forecast Report in a Spanish, French, or Russian
              Destiny & Decisions Transit Report    $150  Sample
                Poppe Forecast Report 
    $250  Sample 
AstroJourney (for teenagers and young adults)   
$200    Sample    
Love & Romance Forecast
(English, Spanish, or Portuguese)
     $75   Sample
   Business Forecast (
English, Spanish, or Portuguese)     $75    Sample
  Solar Return
      $150  Sample
Solar Return in each additional language: English, Spanish,  French, German
   $100   Sample in Spanish
             Many Happy Returns Solar Return     $150     Sample
               Planets In Solar Return      $150    Sample

   Secondary Progressed
   $200  Sample
          Lunar Return     $100    Sample
                     Lunar Return in each additional language: English, Spanish  $75    $75
          13 Moons Lunar Return    $100    Sample
    Astroquest Horary Program   
$150     Sample
                Mini-Minder Forecast Report - quick short daily interpretations 
$75      $75

                Who Wins     $150     Sample     

                 Gold Forecast    $300     Sample     



Relocation Reports:

                Relocation Information      $150   Sample
               Environmental Therapy      $150   Sample       
   Cities & Towns     $100     Sample
  Cities & Towns in each additional language: English, Spanish, French,
    $75  Sample in Spanish 

Health Reports (Signed disclaimer required): - contact for faxing or mailing of disclaimer to be signed)    Special pricng on Medscan and Medical Forecast - not part of $750 total

                 Cosmo Biology Health Report      $50   Sample
Medscan - homeopathic
(English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian)   $200
Medical Forecast - homeopathic      $200  Sample
Astro Med - herbs     $200     Sample

Other Options:

38, 000 Asteroid List  Sample  (In this sample there are 6500 named 
               asteroids. It is possible to include  3,500 unnamed asteroids also)
 $150        SALE FOR $100
This  is  a very large file to download and will take a few minutes  to

              Asteroid Signatures    $200   Sample       SALE for $1500

               Talisman Images    $150   Sample    

               Mega Atlas   $150   Sample    

                ArtWheels   $200   Sample        SALE  for  $150





Upgrade from Windows version 5.0 or 6.0 to 7.0     $75     
Upgrade from Windows version 4.5, 4.6, 4.7 to 7.0
Upgrade from Windows version 4.3
  to 7.0  
Upgrade from Windows version 3.0, 4.0, or 4.2
 to 7.0  
Upgrade from DOS version to Kepler 7.0  version:  $225   
Upgrade from Pegasus to Kepler 7.0   $225